«Finyutina and partners»
LLC renders following range of services for registration of trademarks and service marks:

consultations related to protection of trademarks, service marks and appellation of origin and other questions connected with application of legislation about intellectual property;

conducting of informative search in database of registered trademarks with the purposes of assessment for registrability of trademarks registration;

assistance in performing of informative search in database of registered trademarks and checking claimed designation for similarity and identity with trademarks, service marks of other persons claimed for registration or protected trademarks in respect to similar goods;

preparation and filing of documents need for registration of claimed designation to federal body of intellectual property;

representation of the client’s interests in federal body of intellectual property during examination of claimed designation;

introduction of changes, corrections and definitions in material of application in all stages of examination before obtaining of decision from federal body of intellectual property;

keeping the terms for renewal of trademarks, service marks;

assistance in composition of objections:

to decision with refuse in registration;
to decision of registration of trademark;
against providing of legal protection for trademark.