Finyutina GmbH Translation Agency offers:

Technical translation

One of the most crucial branches of professional activities of our translationagency is technical documentation translation. We complete technical translations of large manufacturing and processing companies from all over the world. Constant production modernization, worldwide export-import operations are directly associated with the necessity of technical translations – this is what we professionally work with on a daily basis. Our translation agency specializes in not only technical translation from and into English language, but also works with German, French and Russian languages.

Legal translation

For the purpose of translation of legal documents, we engage qualified translators that possess deep knowledge of jurisprudence. Long-term experience and knowledge of international law aspects enable us to accurately convey the meaning of any legal document. Sure enough, legal translation, implemented by our specialists will be accurate, detailed and high-quality.

We regularly translate:

Agreements and written transactions;
Incorporation Documents;
Organization charters and constitutional documents;
Laws, Legislative and Regulatory Acts.

Economic translation

Primary focus areas of economic translations in our Agency are:

Translation of financial documents:

financial managerial reports;
financial findings and examination;
investment documents and etc.

Translation of banking documents:

financial accounts;
interbank agreements on correspondent relations;
credit and security agreements;
warranty statements and etc.

Translation of insurance documents:

contracts of insurance;
certificate of insurance;
expert reports.

Translation of official documents:

business plans;
documents for tender procedures;
commercial proposals;
tender documentation.

Legal representation in arbitration

"Finyutina GmbH" offers legal services for all-up representation of clients before International Arbitration Panel of World Intellectual Arbitration. This Arbitration Panel illustrates primary advantages of arbitrage disputes in the sphere of intellectual property; practically describes various stages and components of WIPO arbitrage process and demonstrates how the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center can assists parties and judges solve their disputes efficiently.